Our Approach

Our Approach

Our approach is that simple is best. We believe that the best advice is advice that the client can understand and also monitor. We operate our practice under three main ethics which are outlined as follows:


As we are a one partner practice we are committed to your business to ensure that you meet your compliance obligations on time and assist in achieving your business and personal goals. We find that we are required in unfortunate circumstances such as divorce and death and we are the advisors that you can rely on, and wherever possible eliminate additional stress from your circumstances.

It should be noted that achieving compliance and personal goals can only be achieved through commitment by both parties.


Integrity is defined as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions. All tasks taken on by RDC Accountants are approached in this manner:

  • We believe that honesty is crucial to run a successful long term practice.
  • All jobs must be approached with integrity as the clients’ interests come first.
  • We work on a referral basis only which reflects this business ethic.


Respect is a personal business ethic that as professionals we pride ourselves on. We believe the following:

  • Respect for individual persons and their needs are crucial for a successful relationship.
  • Respect is required for your business as it enables you to achieve your monetary goals and also provide for your daily needs.
  • Respect for us, your financial advisors is something we earn.